My age is very inappropriate for my behavior..

Facebook is like a fridge. you keep checking it, but there’s nothing good.

A fast beating heart doesn’t always mean love…. A blushing face is not always a sign that your inlove…. Sometimes huboG lang!! Hahahaha

Hi Sweetie how was schook Today?? you can read all about it on my facebook DAD!!!

Free Beauty Advice for Girls… if you want A good profile picture for your facebook profile… Without wrinkles without pimples without dark Marks Use”Adobe photoshop”

Behind every successful status update there is Ctrl+c & cntrl +V …

What is facebook????? its a place where boy posts joke, gets no responce & if girl posts the same joke, gets 150 likes & 56 friend requests!!!!

Being popular on facebook is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria at a ental hospital!!

A fast beating heart doesnt always mean Love… A blushing face isnot always a sign that your inlove… Sometimes huboGLANG! HAHAH

A man died and sent to Heaven. God was surprised to see his Heart still beating. . God asked him, how come? The man replied, “I’m Dead but my Wife still lives in my Heart”. ;)

When I die I want my body to donate for research, but more specifically to a scientist who is working on bringing dead bodies back to life.

Hey! Wanna make $$$$$$ fast? Just follow my simple instructions. 1:Hold down the Shift key 2:Press the number 4 four times. It’s that easy.

My sister was with two men in one night. She could hardly walk after that. Can you imagine? Two dinners!

When your GF blocks u on facebook…… Its called an electronic divorce :)

If people could see the face I make when I read their facebook status updates, they would probably unfriend me.