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Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to.

Love is hard to get into, but even harder to get out of.

Today I am what I am Because of my yesterday’s choices. And where I shall be tomorrow Will be decided today.

It’s easy to forget things you want to remember. Its hard to forget things you don’t want to remember.

Life is like Facebook. People will like your problems and comment, but no one will solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs.

There’s a difference between love and like, wrong and right. Never run if you are not ready to step, and never forgive if you are not ready to forget.

The minute you think you’re going to lose something, it suddenly becomes the most important thing in your life.

The difference between your mind and your heart is that your mind tells you whats smart to do and your heart what you are gonna do anyway.

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you dont, you’ll find an excuse.

Forget about me, erase me, dont even think back. Because one day when you let your mind slip, you’ll remember me and realize that you should have held on.

Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.

Two things to remember: Dont make decisions when you are angry and dont make promises when you are happy

Make your smaile change the world but dont let the world change your smile.

Why do we always ignore those that adore us, adore those that ignore us. Love those that hurt us and hurt those that love us??

Never make permanant decisions on temporary feelings.

There is a reason God put our eyes on the front of our body. It’s so we can see where we are going, not where we have been.

Good Morning, hope everyone is feeling blessed this morning praise God.

One of the joys in life is waking up each day with thoughts that somewhere, Someone cares enough to send a warm morning greeting! Good Morning

Good Night messages doesn’t only mean good night or sweet dreams. It also silently says that I think of you before going to bed. Good Night. Mmmmmmuah

Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep.

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